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The Role Of Apps In The Digital Classroom

By eLearning Inside
June 08, 2023

Incorporating apps into classroom instruction gives K-12 learners a safe setting to use technology while learning.

They can experiment with different technologies to see what works and what doesn’t and begin to plan how the technology will fit into their career growth.

Thanks to apps, you can access many knowledge and resources. They can be extremely beneficial in the teaching and practice of social work. Students can gain a lot from the use of apps in education.

No More Troublesome Attendance Tracking and Homework Sharing

For teachers, the word “attendance” has come to mean “headache.” According to researchers, no matter how quickly a teacher attempts to mark attendance, it still takes up close to 30% of the entire class period.

Along with this, teachers must often give tasks to students. Overall, teachers spend less time teaching and more time engaging in other activities. A mobile-integrated school management app can eliminate these flaws.

With the help of school apps, teachers may quickly record everyone’s class attendance and digitally give students assignments with just a few clicks. Teachers can also circulate this marked attendance in student groups using GBWhatsApp.

An Increase in Parental Involvement to Close the Communication Gap

It is impossible to achieve academic objectives and uphold the school’s image without good students. Increasing parental involvement is essential for improving student achievement.

Teachers can capture pictures of students’ achievements using BeautyPlus and forward them to their parents.

Parents, in addition to instructors, are extremely important in children’s life. Parents must keep in touch with the institute to monitor their children’s progress.
It is nearly impossible to take time away from a busy routine occasionally.

A mobile school software that includes a chat messenger could be really helpful in these situations! Parents can communicate with teachers, voice queries, and stay informed about their children’s academic progress via the school chat messenger.

Using Analytical Dashboards to Make Smart Decisions

The best feature a school app could have is an analytical dashboard, perfect for teachers! Using an analytical dashboard, teachers can create student performance reports based on criteria including academic performance, attendance, and much more.

These reports may assist teachers in identifying their pupils’ areas of weakness so they can devise improvement plans. Additionally, they can give the parents access to these reports to keep them informed of their children’s academic development.

Formative Evaluation Tools Reduce Paper Work

Formative assessment is advancing even further as the importance of face time in instruction increases.

To maximize the time spent in face-to-face instruction, teachers must assess the information on student comprehension as it is being formed.

These technologies are wonderful digital substitutes for many of the paper-based activities we used to do in the classroom.Moving around the room and paper passing should be restricted even when we’re back there.

Featured image: Caiaimage/Chris Ryan, iStock.