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The Impact Of Student Accommodation On The College Experience

By eLearning Inside
June 08, 2023

College is the ideal time and an excellent chance for students to develop and learn more while living away from their families, despite any myths about it.

Thanks to student housing, they live independently and face the hardships of the real world.

It’s undoubtedly a learning experience that cannot be equaled, teaching them how to maintain their place, shop for food, and stay within their monthly budget. Additionally, it offers individuals the independence to run their lives independently and a sense of grownup existence.

Below are several factors that contribute to the positive impact of student accommodation on the overall college experience.

Finding Accommodation

Finding housing is one of the most difficult tasks for every student leaving for college. Many prospective living alternatives are available because many college students are studying abroad.

It’s good to rank crucial features that fit your ideal student housing requirements to determine which is best for you.

Dorms or on-campus lodging may be ideal for entering as freshmen or experimenting with a new place. With so many other students living in close quarters, social connection is encouraged, making it simpler to make friends outside the classroom or in extracurricular activities.

A Sense of Belonging

Finding a sense of belonging at one’s institution is an important connection that can greatly impact whether a student stays enrolled, transfers to another, or drops out of higher education.

By partnering with universities, Marriott provides students with high-quality, convenient, and comfortable living spaces that enhance their college experience.

A vital component of the college experience is feeling like you belong, especially on college campuses. Students’ perceptions of colleges significantly change in a positive direction when they have a sense of belonging at their schools.

Depending on the university, students who live on campus can access various campus amenities, including the library, dining halls, recreation centers, and more.

Advantages of Student Accommodation

Living in student housing can be very advantageous because learning for students goes far beyond coursework, tutorials, and lessons and instead involves a variety of experiences, such as living away from their homes for the first time, sharing a living space, and taking part in the many creative and stimulating activities and programs available as part of university life.

Students on campus are also more likely to engage in physical activities and have a more active lifestyle, which can positively impact their physical and mental health. Additionally, projects such as eClaimLink can positively impact the health and well-being of college students, further enhancing their overall college experience.

Student housing benefits are tied to the programs offered in the residence halls and the connections rendered possible by the halls to the university community.

According to studies, students who live on campus have an instant boost in academic accomplishment compared to those who reside off campus. In a broader sense, academics, staff, and all students—residents and non-residents—profit from the availability of campus housing.

Featured image: XiXinXing, iStock.